Former FDC president and four-time presidential aspirant Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has come out to name the biggest scandal in Uganda's govern" />

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July 18, 2024
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Dr Kiiza Besigye Names Uganda’s Biggest Political Scandal

Former FDC president and four-time presidential aspirant Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has come out to name the biggest scandal in Uganda’s governance.

Having been around the political scene of Uganda for a long time, Besigye while appearing on NTV today 23rd August 2021 said that the country has had many scandals but none equates to the one that has happened over the COVID 19 pandemic.

Besigye said that a lot of funds have been stolen and other resources swindled and this is something that does not get much public attention.

“This country has seen many scandals but the looting that has happened during this pandemic has never happened anywhere.” Dr Besigye said.

The opposition bigwig added that Ugandans lost hope in the people managing the pandemic.

This is due to the lack of a clear plan to tackle the pandemic in the first place.

Besigye said that all people hear is that the government has borrowed funds but they don’t see where these funds go.

Besigye also said that the figures released by the government have no relation to reality and it’s the reason why they should not even be discussed in relation to the pandemic.

The vocal politician said that it’s a surprise that up to now government still has no plan of how things should be done in relation to COVID 19.

“Up to today, we still don’t have a clear plan of how we want to do things related to the COVID-19 fight. We have no vaccination plan neither do we have a clear plan of opening up.” Dr Kiiza Besigye added.

The retired army officer then said that most Ugandans nutrition is compromised reason why most of them collapse and die.

He, therefore, said that however much vaccination is as important, nutrition is another aspect that should be addressed.

He however wondered how the vaccination centres also lack proper crowd management skills.

Besigye said that the chaos there is always a lot which will obviously lead to many people contracting COVID 19.

He advised the government to first prioritise vaccinating the vulnerable as the rest stick to good nutrition to boost their immunity.

Talking about the reopening of schools, Besigye wondered what the government would have done if the vaccine had not been discovered further enlightening the shortfalls in the fight against COVID 19.

Dr Besigye also took time off to address the current NGO crisis in the country.

He said that the NGOs pushing the government agendas are always pampered while those that disagree with it shut.

“Some NGOs that are pushing the regime’s interests can’t be touched, they will even continue to receive funding but those involved in raising awareness will be shut down because the regime knows what an informed population can do.” De Besigye concluded.

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