As the ministry of Education and Sports is still trying to formulate an academic calendar and ways to get back learner's back to school, " />

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June 23, 2024
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Minister Of Education and Sports urges teachers and learners to go for vaccination

As the ministry of Education and Sports is still trying to formulate an academic calendar and ways to get back learner’s back to school, the Minister of Education and Sports and the First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni has urged all learners aged 18+ and teachers to make sure they get vaccinated.

It should be noted that schools and the general academic programs have been greatly affected by the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

The learners have been in and out of school for two years now. While partially lifting the 42-day lockdown last month, President Museveni said that schools will be on hold on for 60 days until all those concerned with running schools are fully vaccinated.

In trying to return learner’s to schools in a scattered manner, the Minister’s office sounded out this information yesterday 17th August 2021 via their Twitter platform.

“The minister of @Educ_SportsUg, Hon. @JanetMuseveni urges all collaborative partners to go out and sound the trumpet of mobilizing teachers and learners aged 18-above to get vaccinated. Please note that vaccines are free of charge,” one of the tweets affiliated to the ministry read.

Another section of the Minister’s statement reads that vaccinating the teachers and learners is firstly for their own benefit. And owing to the physical context of learning in the country, vaccination is key to preventing the virus from rapidly spreading.

The statement also partly reads that the ministry of Education and Sports has partnered with the Ministry of Health to avail vaccination to the target groups.

“As the Ministry of Education and Sports, we have engaged with our sister ministry, the Ministry of Health to align efforts towards getting teachers and learners above 18 years of age vaccinated. The Ministry of Health does publish information about the districts and health facilities these vaccines have been supplied to. The Ministry of Health shall provide information when COVID 19 vaccines approved for people aged 12-16 years of age have become available. All vaccines issued by the government are not to be paid for by the recipients,” the statement partly reads.

The Minister’s statement went ahead to rally all leaders at the different levels to see that this information is passed on and effected.

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