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April 17, 2024
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Museveni’s guilty conscience prompted his security address – Erias Lukwago

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has come out to say that President Museveni’s guilty conscience is what prompted his security national address over the weekend.

The opposition top honcho made the comments today 16th August while appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze program.

Lukwago said that there could be some people trying to pull President Museveni in a direction that he doesn’t want to go.

The lord mayor further added that this could be a mindset game because it’s very uncharacteristic of President Museveni to mind about his security forces abusing human rights.

The lord mayor also said that there could be pressure on the President and therefore made the address to distance himself from the evil deeds of his security forces.

“I am still wondering what triggered the President’s security address. It was uncharacteristic of him, and he didn’t tell us what prompted him to address the nation on security. I think the President wanted to distance himself from the nasty deeds committed by the security forces.” Lukwago said.

Lukwago however said that he expected President Museveni to highlight those officers who have been arrested for violation of human rights if he meant his words.

Lukwago added that the beneficiary of human rights abuse is Gen Museveni because the security forces do it in the next of protecting and keeping him in power.

He went ahead to say that he’s glad that their efforts as the opposition are yielding both internally and internationally and he’s very optimistic about their pressure.

Lukwago concluded by saying that this is the most brutal regime in the country’s history due to the mass graves that have occurred in the Museveni era.

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