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Lydia Draru the infamous Gen Kazini killer freed

Lydia Draru famed for the infamous murder of Gen James Kazini has been freed after serving 12 years on a 14 years jail term.

In 2009, the country was shocked after army commander Gen Kazini was mysteriously murdered by Draru.

The incident happened on the 10th of November 2009 in Namuwongo a Kampala suburb.

The prosecution team said that Draru had hit Kazini with an iron bar on the head killing him instantly

According to sources, Draru was Kazini’s side dish and the general was a constant face at the place.

During the court proceedings, Draru admitted that she had indeed hit Kazini with an iron bar that led to his death.

Police announced that it was conducting investigations but just like most murders in the country, no conclusive report was given about this murder too.

During the court process, police never produced any evidence to convict Draru.

The sentence handed to her by the court was solely on her admission of the crime.

Draru said that she had hit Kazini with a metal pipe on the head killing him instantly out of self-defence because he was trying to attack her.

It was from this confession that the court found her guilty of manslaughter and convicted her thereon.

However, despite this confession, the public remained suspicious of the real cause of the General’s death.

This was because pictures of Kazini’s corpse showed a deep and narrow penetrating cut on the head which signalled the injuries had been caused by sharp objects rather than a hollow pipe Draru claimed to have used.

Doubts mounted over people on whether Draru was saying the truth or had just been used to cover up the real motive and cause of the General’s murder.

Kazini’s pistol was found inside his Toyota Land cruiser outside Draru’s house and was found in plain clothes by the time of his death.

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