The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga has come out to defend the Ugx 200M given to parliamentarians to purchase vehicles for themselves" />

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June 23, 2024
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Mathias Mpuuga – people should stop criticising MPs over the Ugx 200M

The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga has come out to defend the Ugx 200M given to parliamentarians to purchase vehicles for themselves a few weeks ago.

A tense debate arose amongst the public after a budget of Ugx 108B was passed to allow these MPs to purchase cars each being allocated Ugx 200M.

This came at a time when the country is grappling with the adverse effects of the pandemic and lockdown.

With vaccines few and the majority of the people not having been vaccinated, it was expected that there are more pressing issues to address at first hand than purchasing cars for the legislators.

Few MPs came out to show their opposition to this matter with the majority of them having a unilateral consensus.

Now Mpuuga has also come out to defend the disbursal of the 200 million shillings to the MPs.

Mpuuga while appearing on the Morning Breeze program on NBS TV today 10th August 2021 said that the conversation about this money was not even necessary.

This is because the parliamentarians need more than that amount to rectify what has gone wrong in the country.

Mpuuga further said that the 200 million shillings only even buys a second-hand car.

” In this country, we need more than Parliamentarians receiving UGX 200 million to rectify what has gone wrong. Parliament is the soft tool to be attacked. The discussion around the UGX 200 million for MPs to procure vehicles is a dishonest conversation. UGX 200 million only buys a second-hand car in Uganda. We need an honest way about how it can be done properly. The first budget of Parliament was cut by UGX 80 billion because of COVID 19.” Mpuuga said.

Mpuuga also said that the executive arm of government is trying so hard to undermine and weaken the third arm of government which is parliament.

He also addressed his state of the nation address saying he wanted it to bring out what President Museveni had not talked about.

This is due to the fact that the President’s speech was alien to what was happening in the country.

Mpuuga said the President’s speech didn’t address things that were happening at the moment meaning that he knew about the kidnaps that that were happening.

He said that leaders must spearhead justice and speak the truth because politics has become so divisive.

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