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June 23, 2024
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Schools might open in 2040 – FDC’s Ssemujju Nganda criticises Government school Covid 19 program

FDC spokesperson and Kira municipality Member of Parliament Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has come out to tear through the government’s strategy towards opening schools amidst the pandemic.

President Museveni while delivering his address at the end of the 42 da lockdown said that schools will continue on a lockdown of 60 days.

These are likely to be opened only after sufficient vaccines are acquired to vaccinate the learners and teachers.

Ssemujju who was appearing on NBS TV today 3rd August 2021 however feels like the government might open up the schools in 2040 due to the slow procedures of handling the vaccinations.

He further added that Uganda should find domestic ways on how to open the economy.

“If we are going to rely on vaccines to open our economy, we may open in 2040. The school system must reopen. What we need now are domestic solutions. We need to create our own conditions and allow the economy to reopen.” Hon Ssemujju Nganda said

Hon Ssemujju went ahead to say that it’s a disappointment to see that the things they want to see fixed quickly in the country are not being fixed due to bureaucratic tendencies.

He noted however that when the President wants something it’s done quickly without following the rightful procedures such as the purchase of the fighter jets a few years ago.

The legislator however noted that to expect transparency from the NRM government was something big of a task to ask for.

He also talked of the measures that FDC has come up with which they think will help in the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Our proposal as a party yesterday was; create credible task forces from the village level. The environment President Museveni has created is that the government has money that it can throw around.” Mr Ssemujju added.

Dr Lydia Wanyoto a senior government politician who was in the studios alongside Ssemujju said that the experts should sit down to forge away forward and see how learners go back to school.

She also said that government did not open up because the virus had been defeated but rather because people needed to survive financially.

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