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September 24, 2023
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Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto Blocked From Flying To Uganda

The rift between Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto continues to deepen with the State authorities in Kenya.

The latest twist in the bad blood boiling between Ruto and his boss Uhuru Kenyatta follows his blockage from flying out of the country yesterday 2nd August 2021.

Mr Ruto was scheduled to fly for an unknown mission to Entebbe.

The politician was to be accompanied by a seven-man entourage comprising of his close political allies and businessmen.

The Kenyan police gave the reason for Ruto not following the right procedures to fly out of the country as the reason why he was blocked despite him being a top leader in the country.

Ruto while addressing the news agencies in Kenya said that hierarchy thinks people with poor backgrounds like his are not supposed to fly out to meet foreign presidents.

He tasked them to come out and face him directly other than orchestrating these acts behind the curtains.

“I have been stopped from flying to Uganda because the system believes that only the children of the rich and famous can fly to foreign countries to dine with the president.

But we have God and we will overcome. I’m putting the tribalists and dynasties on notice that our patience has run out and we will not take any more humiliation. Let them face me openly instead of being behind their lowly serfs in the civil service.” Ruto roared.

Ruto and his boss Kenyatta’s woes began in early 2018 after the government entered into a pact with Raila Odinga’s ODM party.

The two have accused each other numerous times over a number of things.

Kenyatta accused Ruto of early campaigning to succeed him as was their agreement in 2013.

Ruto on the other hand sees Kenyatta as a betrayer ever since he partnered with Odinga.

Rumours have it that Kenyatta favours his fiercest rival turned ally Odinga over his once upon a time closest ally Ruto.

Meanwhile, Ruto has been a constant face in Uganda and he’s close to the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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