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All land in Buganda belongs to the Kabaka – Hon Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu

Kalungu west legislator Hon Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu came out yesterday 1st August 2021 while appearing on NBS TV to reaffirm the long cultural known fact that all land in Buganda belongs to the Kabaka.

His comments came after the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II made his stance known concerning the central government’s intended policies towards mailo land.

President Museveni a few days ago expressed his dissatisfaction with the post 1900 land tenure system in Buganda adopted after the 1900 Buganda agreement.

This subjects land ownership in Buganda to independent kingdom laws, customs, norms, and values.

Mr Museveni went ahead to say that reforms are needed to rectify this and wondered how some people could support such a bad and unfair system like this.

Museveni went ahead to say that people should be given full ownership of the land once they pay for it and not being taxed over and over again.

According to Mr Museveni, this system has greatly hindered development.

This is a customary practice common in Buganda kingdom and the president said that unlike Buganda, in other regions like Ankore a person can’t be chased from the land he has bought.

However according to Ssewungu all land in Buganda belongs to the Kabaka and what he pleases is what is done on it.

“All the land in Buganda is Kabaka’s land. Mailo land came about when the colonizers came and took Kabaka’s land.

When Museveni was going to the bush, he pledged to return this Mailo land to Buganda kingdom.” Ssewungu said.

Other experts too came out to question why the government’s interest is in Buganda yet there are land wrangles in other parts of the country.

The Kabaka also during his 28th coronation ceremony addressed the same situation.

His Highness Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi said that all those who have intentions of banning the mailo land system have evil intentions of weakening Buganda’s influence.

He also went ahead to question why this intended policy is targeting Buganda as if the other areas are not part of Uganda.

The Kabaka took time to remind the Central government that Buganda had a major role it played in the overthrow of the dictatorship in the past that had abolished kingdoms.

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